Thursday, January 10, 2013

Random things from October

Once again, there are a bunch of random pictures that don't need their own post, so I'll do a random October post.  Most of these are from my iPhone (good thing I have it, or else there would be hardly any pictures taken!).

Kate got to go on her first field trip for preschool!  And it was her first time riding a school bus.  She was so excited!  They went to the Pumpkin Patch and Kate got to pick out her very own pumpkin.

The girls loved going to this section of Walmart every time we went.  They had to push each button and watch each of the skeletons, mummys and monsters dance:

Conference weekend, we went to St. George.  While the boys went to the Priesthood session, the girls and kids went to dinner!

I volunteered in Emmy's class for Centers once a week until now - I could have this baby anytime!  Emmy loved having me there and never wanted me to leave.  It was fun working with her and the other kids in her group.  Thanks to Papa who would usually watch Kate while I volunteered.

Walking to pick Emmy up when it was still warm outside.  Kate rode her trike and I carried Emmy's scooter so she could ride it home.  It's one of the perks of living close to the school.

Once a week, a couple of friends and I do a Kid Swap.  We each take turns having all the kids at our homes so the other moms can have a break and do whatever they want!  Plus, it gives the kids a fun play date.  This day, I turned on Thriller so the kids could have a Zombie dance party.  And they did look like Zombies ... spooky!

I went down to St. George to go to Witches Night Out at Staheli Farm with Lindsey.  It was fun!  We got our creative juices flowing and made our witch hats.  And, of course, we had a blast!

Another Walmart picture.  This is how the girls keep themselves entertained while we're in the check out line :)

It was crazy hair day at Emmy's school.  We did four or five pony tails on her head.  Next year, we'll get even crazier!

I'm so glad these two have each other :)
Sisters are the best!

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