Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Random November Post

Here's my random post for November.

With Emmy's new bike, the girls spend lots of time riding their bikes.
Aren't they adorable???

Good thing it wasn't too cold to ride them (yet ... the super coldness didn't come until January).

With Kate finally on a big-girl bike, it was time to get her a bike helmet.  She wanted one before we bought one, so she used one of Papa's ATV helmets to protect her noggin.

And this is pretty much the only picture I took of Thanksgiving, which we had at Grammy and Papa's house this year.  The kid's table.  See how much food they ate?  Pretty much the littles just ate rolls ...

And we got the Christmas tree set up a couple days after Thanksgiving.
The girls decorated it themselves, at least the lower part of the tree.  They loved doing it!

And they each wanted to help daddy put the star on the top of the tree.

We set up a small tree in the girls' bedroom this year.  We put their homemade ornaments on it.  They loved having their own little tree!

The girls also got to sit on Santa's lap at the Dickens Festival (our yearly tradition).  Lindsey and I sang at the Festival again this year and the girls got their pictures with "the real Santa" in their Christmas dresses:

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