Thursday, January 10, 2013

Halloween 2012

 Happy Halloween!
The girls both chose to be princesses this Halloween.  Emmy wanted to be Cinderella and Kate wanted to be Merida from Brave.

These pictures express the girls personalities entirely!
Especially this next one ... Emmy, striking a pose, with Kate being totally sassy (and probably screaming or making some kind of screech-like noise). 

 Kate had the perfect curls to be Merida, so we got some colored spray for her hair to make it red.  It took a whole bottle of the spray to keep her hair red throughout the day!  And it kept rubbing off on her face and getting in her nose.  She was blowing red stuff out of her nose until the next day.

Sassy Kate

 She's so beautiful!  Look at those big brown eyes!

Being silly and having fun :)

Had to get a shot of the full costume:

And then there's Emmy, who truly wishes she were a princess:

 I have the most beautiful girls!!!  Look at those chocolate, almost black, eyes, cute round cheeks and perfect little nose.

She makes the perfect princess :)

This girl loves to pose!

And they were ready for the trunk-or-treat that our ward hosted!

Gettin' the goods at the church with Emma, one of their favorite babysitters.

 And the whole family!
Jake and I usually dress up, but I wasn't feeling it this year, being pregnant and all.

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