Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy New Year!

The past three New Year's Eves have been spent with the Coons at their house.  They are moving this summer.  What will we do next year???

This year, we decided to bring our kids and let them celebrate with us.  Plus, I wasn't up to staying up until midnight, so celebrating at 10:00 sounded pretty good to me :)

We ate yummy food, played some games and just had fun!

Jake with his Pepsi Throwback while Chad sets up and explains Texas Hold 'Em

My cute Katers!

Emmy, Kate and Addison, playing poker ;)

Our friends, Mary and Dave Armour, came this year, too.  It was a great New Years Eve with yummy food, great friends and lots of fun!

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The Yoder's Four said...

Love the Coons and Armours! Wish we could have come. That week was complete chaos....