Thursday, January 10, 2013

Emmy's "Glamour" Birthday Party

For her friend birthday party this year, we decided to keep it kind of small, so Emmy invited six friends (one couldn't make it) plus her cousin, Ella.
She wanted to do a make-up/glamour party, so that's what we did!

Here is the invitation I made:

 I kept the girls busy the whole time with lots of activities.  They decorated crowns, got their nails painted and make-up done, made bracelets with beads, and decorated their cupcakes.

I recruited Lindsey and Grammy to help with nails and make-up.

Nail station:

Ella wanted to help with make-up, too :)
Make-up station:

The birthday girl getting her make-up done!

The bracelets:

The girls decorating their cupcakes.
This was a big hit and it meant less work for me because I didn't have to frost or decorate any cupcakes!

Emmy blowing out her candle after we sang to her:

Cutest birthday girl ever!

Then it was time to open presents!

The group of girls (plus Daxon and Papa)

They had to get a silly one, too!

Emmy loved her party and is already talking about what she wants to do for her party next year!

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