Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Adventures of a Snaggle Tooth {Part 2}

With Emmy's first front tooth gone, it left room for the other one, which was a little bit loose, to get very loose since there wasn't another tooth holding it in place.  Which resulted in another beautiful snaggle tooth (just look at that picture above)!  And, once again, she wouldn't let us get near it.

We tried to threaten her, which led to this:

She was so scared to have it pulled.  I'm not sure why because it didn't hurt the previous two times she had her teeth pulled.

But one night, she got brave and finally let Jake pull it!

And she became our toothless girl!
She was singing "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth" this year, minus a lisp.  Her front left tooth is coming in pretty fast, and the other one is starting to grow.

Losing her front teeth is just proof that our little girl is growing up!  Her big, adult teeth will grow in and she won't look like a little girl anymore.  Now we need a little break from losing teeth or else she won't be able to eat anything!  She already bites food from the side of her mouth, since she doesn't have her teeth there to bite for her :)

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