Thursday, January 10, 2013

Emmy turns six!!!

I can't believe my little girl turned six on her last birthday!!!
I love the age she is right now.  She's such a good helper, wants to do and be good and is just such a sweet girl.

Some things about Emmy at this age:
- She's very loving - she loves hugs and kisses and to cuddle.
- She's a great sister to Kate and wants to include her in almost everything she does.
- She is SO excited for her little brother to come!  She gives my belly hugs and kisses all the time.
- She's very coordinated. I taught her a little dance last week and she picked up on it right away - we had fun dancing together in the family room.
- She LOVES to sing!  If I try to sing along with her, she says, "Mom, I'M singing!"
- Sometimes she gets after Kate and I have to remind her that "I'm the mom, Emmy."
 - She's very sensitive and emotional.  Something small can make her cry.  And if mommy or daddy says or does something with Kate, Emmy has to participate, too, or she'll be very sad and feel left out.  For instance, if I tell Kate how much I love her, Emmy will say, "You love Kate more!"  I am constantly reminding her that I actually love them both very, very, very much.
- She loves playing the game, "I love you more than ... (fill in the blank)".  We do it almost every night when I'm putting her to bed.  Once, I told her I loved her more than something, I can't remember what it was now, and she was amazed that I loved her more than that thing!!!
- She loves going to Primary and she loves school.

On her birthday, we thought it would be fun to go to IHOP for her birthday breakfast.  The girls had fun, but I don't think we'll go out for birthday breakfast again - the girls hardly ate any of their food!  From now on, mommy will make them whatever they want for their birthday breakfast.

We will discuss her snaggle tooth in another post ...

She even got ice cream for breakfast since it was her birthday!

I took donuts to her class so she could share with everyone, which she thought was so much fun.

We waited until after school to open presents since daddy had to go to work right after breakfast.
I love all of the excited looks on her face when she opened her presents.  We've decided to keep birthday presents pretty simple, not to go overboard, so we gave her just a few presents.  But the things we did get her were a huge hit!

This one was probably the favorite:

A Barbie microphone!  (Remember how she loves to sing???)

Of course, she had to try it out right away:

And Grammy and Papa got her a new bike!
Her other one was getting too small, so Kate scored and got a new bike, too - Emmy's old one!
She rides without training wheels so Jake had to take them off, but at least they stabilized her so she could pose for this picture :)

She chose McDonald's for dinner so we took the girls there and let them play in the Play Place.

Adorable birthday girl!!!

Then we went home and had some delicious cake!  One of the best box cakes I've made - seriously.  I don't know why it was so good, but it was.  I made it with applesauce and made homemade chocolate frosting for the top.  For some reason, it was just moist and super delicious!

Blowing out the candle:

Emmy had a really fun sixth birthday!!!
We love our sweet Emmy.  She is growing into a wonderful, beautiful girl!

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