Wednesday, January 2, 2013

24th of July

Ah, the 24th of July. 
Again, we're a little out of order here, but I guess that's what happens when you leave most of your blogging for the end of the year ...

This year, we went to the annual 2nd Ward 24th breakfast at the church.  It's a little early for us (starts at 7:00 am) but we love going every year.

Then we went to the 24th of July Parade!  Yes, another parade!

We decided to go down to St. George and go swimming at the pool at my parent's house in Coral Canyon.  We brought our friends, the Coons, with us and the kids had fun swimming.

It got really rainy with thunderstorms, so we headed over to Lindsey and Derek's house so the kids could play with their cousins.  They ended up in Lindsey's unfinished backyard, playing in the mud!

Another fun 24th of July!  Thank you, pioneers, for coming to Utah on the 24th :)

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