Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Words

I decided I'm going to start a New Words post every couple of weeks (or as often as needed if she's learning new words like crazy!) for Emmy for journaling purposes. Yeah, I found out a while ago that there are some companies that will print your blog in a hardcover book. And since I'm so bad at keeping a journal (haven't kept one since middle school or high school), this is the perfect way for me to do it!

Here are some of Emmy's new words (some not necessarily new but that I forgot to put in the last word update):


"Thank you" - I've already posted that she says this, but now she says it on her own, like if we hand her something

"Yeah!" or "Yay!" - always after the prayer, it's so funny

"Baby" - accompanied with the sign

We would ask her what Santa says. Her answer: "Ho ho"


April said...

Wow, so advanced and I thought Ruby was a good talker.

Supermom said...

Yay Binga! Girls tend to be so verbal. Meg talked a lot at this age, but Logan is a man of few words :) He says "uh-oh" but it sounds like ah-gah. But he says it the same everytime, and always for uh-oh. Oh well.

Mrs. B said...

How fun! And Supermom, Baby B is way behind in words. She only has 3 or 4. Oh well! Love all your new posts! Very fun. And you look GORGEOUS in your Christmas pics. Good job dad!

les_mason_curt said...

I just sort of ran across your blog. I was wanting to know if you know the name of the company that will print your blog in hard back for you? I would love to have mine done.
Leslee Phillips

The Malie's said...

The website that will print your blog is: