Thursday, December 13, 2007

Binga Update

Emmy is getting so smart, I love seeing how much she knows!

Here are the words she can say: "Hi" (this is her favorite one and says it to EVERYONE! When we are at the grocery store, she sits sideways so she can see everyone and says it to anyone she sees); "bye bye" (with a little wave. She closes doors and says it); "no, no, no" (she has renamed the toilet paper "no, no, no" because I always say it to her when she gets into it); "Pa Pa" (my dad); "ma ma" (me); "da da" (Jake); "ball" (which comes out more like "ba"); "thank you" (she doesn't say it on her own, she says it if we say it to her, and it sounds more like "dee dee"). That's all I can think of, but I think she's pretty smart!

She knows objects and if I ask her to get something, like her ball, her book or her "happy hippo" (a stuffed animal that giggles), she gladly goes around the house looking for it and then brings it to me.

She can touch her nose or mouth if I ask her to. We're working on ears right now, but she doesn't have that one down just yet. And she sort of knows the actions to "itsy bitsy spider". It's so cute!

The one word that she conveniently doesn't know the meaning to is "No". If I tell her no, instead of stopping she does it more and runs away from me. For instance, she just love the toilet paper. If she's in the bathroom with me while I'm getting ready and I take my eyes off her for a minute, she is definitely going to go straight to the tp roll and start yanking the tp sheets off! If I tell her "no", she holds on to it and runs out, creating a tp trail and making a bigger mess! So, I know she knows what "no" means, she just chooses to ignore it.

One thing that is funny that she does is poops on the toilet. If I get her out of bed in the morning and she hasn't pooped yet, I take her to the toilet and wait for her to go, and she does! One less poopy diaper to change and hopefully she won't ever be scared of the toilet when potty training time comes along!

And she has this new Dora chair that she got from Aunt Lindsey, Uncle Derek, Dylan and Ella for her birthday. I think she feels so grown up in it. It's so cute! We put it in front of the tv for her and she'll watch her shows while sitting in her big pink chair. How fun to see them grow up!


Happy Call-idays said...

She is smart oh my gosh! Didn't she just turn one? Usually boys are smarter, well thats at least what I hear! And boy is she cute! I just want to bite her cheeks!!!

Mrs. B said...

WAY smart!! Baby B only says uh-oh, no, dada and amen. And she cannot do half that stuff. i love it! I want that chair, how cute!!

April said...

So cute, love the chair pictures. I think they love realizing they are getting big. And boy is she getting big(old) and smart. Wow what a smartie.