Monday, December 17, 2007

Vegas, Baby!

Jake and I celebrated our wedding anniversary this year in Vegas. We had so much fun, the only downside was that is was way too short! We stayed at a condo so we had a full kitchen and it was pretty nice.

We went to a movie (which we hardly ever do!) and did some Christmas shopping. We also went to the strip and went to the Bellagio. We saw the water show and went to the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden. It was all decorated for Christmas and was so pretty!

Inside the conservatory

This was made of all flowers and plants

Giant ornaments next to the giant tree!

Next to the botanical garden

At the water show

At the water show again! (Please keep in mind that my coat adds on at least 50 pounds! It's a puffy coat and I look chubby in this picture!)

Emmy stayed with my sister and had so much fun with her cousins! We missed her but had a great time sleeping in two days in a row!


April said...

I am so glad you were able to get away, isn't it the best? But did you find yourself talking about Binga the whole time? Crazy huh. And I am so sorry about the hives that is awful, hopefully it's not something she is really allergic to.

Mrs. B said...

what fun!! You look GORGEOUS!!! And not at all fat, you can totally tell it's a puffy coat:)
Poor Binga, I hope you figure out what it was! The same thing happened to Baby B after being around cat hair.

ashley said...

Happy anniversary!! And I agree with Bonnie you look great!

Anne-Marie said...

Hey Michelle! I'm so glad you commented on my blog, because I've been wondering where to find yours. Holy Cow, Emmy is the cutest little thing ever!

Happy Anniversary to you and Poncho! I remember your beautiful wedding-you two were the picture of happiness and still look so! (I still listen to the cd favor you made-love it)
Gotta love the "puffy coat".

erik&sammy said...

FUN! I've never been to Vegas in the winter, but sounds like it was a blast, and looks all pretty and decorated. fun! Happy Anniversary!

Mrs. B said...

I did get the bows, just today and I LOVE them!! I put them on Baby B and she just took them all off. Grr. Maybe we can get a picture really fast sometime:) They are fabulous--you are talented! SOrry I should email you but I can't remember your address and I'm in WA!

severts5 said...

Hey we were just at the Belagio, last night, to look at the Christmas decorations. It looks like you two had fun!