Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Jake and I recently celebrated our 3rd anniversary! He surprised me with these beautiful flowers. He's such a great husband and dad, I couldn't ask for a better man!

We are going to Las Vegas this next weekend for a little get away. It will be my first time away from Emmy overnight. I know I will be sad to be away from her but I have to say I'm really excited to sleep in! We're staying for 2 nights and I'm planning on just relaxing with my husband. It will be great!


April said...

Those are beautiful. Congrats. It is nice to get away even if it is just for one night or dinner or something. Enjoy.

Mrs. B said...

Fun! Gorgeous flowers. I didn't even realize until this moment that part of our getaway involves sleeping in! Rejoice!!!! Now I have even more to look forward to.

erik&sammy said...

Those roses are beautiful! Congratulations!