Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

Here are some pics from our Christmas card photo shoot. My dad is a great photographer and has an awesome camera, so he was our photographer this year (and probably for many years to come!). Enjoy!

Emmy has had enough picture taking, can you tell?

Once again, she's done with the picture taking! (She's been sick so she wasn't feeling too great. She actually did really good for how she was feeling! We're lucky we got any good ones!)


Anne-Marie said...

Your Christmas card photo was beautiful. Wait until you add even one more to the mix. Family pictures become even more disastrous.

TheReadFam said...

Bryn has that same sweater. so cute.

K, your family is darling. You are so pretty!

April said...

What a beautiful family. Loved the card. Hope you had a Merry Christmas.

The Patterson Posse said...

Such cute pictures. You have always been so photogenic. By the way, read back on your blog. Binga poops in the potty! Way to go. That's awesome. Izzy doesn't love sitting on the potty. we're working on that. Such a cute family!

Mary said...

We were so excited to get your Christmas card. It's way cute! But even more, I'm in love with you blog. I just got done working on mine & thought that it looked pretty good until i Checked yours. Love it! Miss you guys.