Thursday, December 27, 2007

Santa Clause is coming to town . . .

Well I guess Santa already came to town! Emmy was on the nice list this year because Santa made a visit to our house! Santa only leaves a few presents for her, though, and the rest are from mom and dad. One thing she got that she loved was a spinbrush toothbrush. Santa left it in her stocking with some yummy toothpaste. Well, I guess Emmy doesn't think the bubble gum flavored kid toothpaste doesn't taste that great because she always has a funny look on her face when we use it. But she got some movies, including her favorite, The Incredibles. She got some clothes and toys and a ton of books. We didn't go overboard this year, we'll save that for when she's older and she knows whats going on! We spent Christmas Eve at Aunt Lindsey's house, which was a lot of fun. We slept over and Emmy loved being with her cousins. We had a great Christmas and hope all of you did, too!

Emmy with her cute cousins

Emmy with Uncle Derek - she loved wearing these reindeer antlers!
I LOVE the look on her face here!
Christmas morning - Santa always leaves Emmy an apple or orange in her stocking - her Christmas pj's were being washed, so she's nakey!
Here she is with her beloved toothbrush. She walked around with it all morning! And the Christmas pj's are clean here, so no more nakey!

And here is our attempt at taking some pics of Emmy in her Christmas dress after church on Sunday. We have 9:00 church so she is READY for a nap when we get home. Didn't have too much success, eh?

This one is blurry, but the only good full body shot I got

By the time I took this pic (with Jake strategically hidden in the background :) ), Emmy was done!


April said...

What a doll. Love the Christmas dress. i bet this year was a lot more fun with her because she was into it a lot more. Glad you had a good Christmas.

Supermom said...

Yeah, I'd say she's done. At least she looks beautiful :)

TheReadFam said...

love the dress. she looks like a little princess. at least you got a shot, i didn't even get that much. so sad, i know.