Tuesday, March 30, 2010


 {First day of preschool}

Emmy started preschool a couple of weeks ago and she absolutely LOVES it!

I know it's a weird time of the year to start preschool, but there's a reason for it.  I wasn't going to start her in preschool until the fall, but we have struggled so much with this child!  She doesn't listen, she can't sit still to do anything for more than a few minutes (including eating meals) and it's been SO HARD.  I know, I know, she's three.  All of my friends keep telling me she's a normal three-year-old, but I just don't think it's only the fact that she's three.  I keep thinking that she may have ADD.  Jake has it and didn't know it until college.

{Waiting for the bus with dad}

So, there is a preschool that the school district runs, but it's only for kids with disabilities (speech problems, ADD, and more severe disabilities as well).  We had Emmy assessed the beginning of March and they thought she was more inattentive than most three-year-olds.  So she's currently on a 30-day trial.  Next week will be the last week of her trial.  I talked to her teacher and she said that Emmy has a hard time paying attention and focusing in class and that she's probably going to qualify.  I'm really excited because it's such a great preschool and it's FREE!  And it will qualify her until she starts kindergarten.  Plus she will get the attention she needs from experienced and qualified teachers.  The best part?  The bus comes to pick her up and drop her off AT OUR HOUSE!  There is a car seat for each child on the bus and there is an Aide that rides the bus to get the kids in and out of their car seats.  And Emmy LOVES riding the bus to and from school.  She always tells me about Jace, a boy that sits by her on the bus.  I can just picture my cute little three-year-old chatting it up with another preschooler on the bus.  Love it.

And I must say, it's so nice to have a little break and to be able to spend some quality time with Kate.

{Emmy was SO excited for the bus to pick her up!}


Lara said...

She's so cute! Is she at 3 Peaks or South?

Anyway, I'm glad that you are starting to figure all of this out now, it will be so much better for her in the long run. I don't have the H, but I have ADD, and I didn't find out until a few years ago either. I coped in my own way, but it would sure have been nice to have extra help going through school. :)

The Yoder's Four said...

That is SO awesome! I teach the 4 and 5-year olds in Primary and I'm not kidding when I say that 3 out of 4 of them have ADHD, but one of them is also going to the district preschool and his behavior has improved a ton. I wish all of them could get that kind of help.

Hoylelicious said...

She is so big!!! Adorable!

April said...

She is so cute!!! I think its great you are figuring it out now so she can get a great head start. Plus I think all kids need preschool, I think it helps them learn how to listen, sit still, and interact. So fun she gets to ride the bus I bet she loves it!! I wish the best for you all. And alone time is great with 2nd children. I love my time with Roo.

Mrs. B said...

Awesome. You are an amazing, insightful mom and I wish all moms could be like you; it would make things a lot easier for teachers and schools, and of course for your adorable Emmy and other kids! Good luck with this new adventure.

Supermom said...

Yay for Emmy! This is great news. I am so happy that she is going to get specialized help. I am so proud of you for being "with it" enough to know that she needed some help! You are a great mommy!

Rachel said...

I love that pre school, Tanner and McKenna do that. early intervention helps so much. She is so cute and the girls talk about her all the time. hope we get together soon.