Monday, March 15, 2010


On February 27th I ran my first 5K!  It was the Tuacahn Duathlon and 5K and it was so much fun!  It gave me a great feeling of accomplishment and I'm already planning my next one.

I decided that I needed a challenge to help get me in shape and get the baby weight off.  And since my sister had a baby 3 weeks before me, I got her to do it with me so we could get the baby weight off together.  I trained in Cedar City, she trained in St. George, but we called each other everyday to see how our running was going.

The first half of the race was downhill, which was awesome!  I was totally cruising.  Then we had to turn around and run back up the hill.  I didn't stop and walk once on the way down, but I did have to walk a few times on the way back up.  

My time was 33:10 and I got 10th in my age division.

For my next race, I want to beat my time, which I know I can do!

It was so much fun to do the race with my sister!  She came in about a minute before me, so she was there waiting for me at the finish line.  

Aren't sisters the best?


Amy said...

Wowwy! Good for you! You are two cute sisters!!!

April said...

That is awesome and a good idea to motivate you to get baby weight off. yeah in about 2 months that will be me. You guys look great! Good job!

Hoylelicious said...

Running is the best! Way to go on your first 5K!!!!

Mrs. B said...

Congrats again! Love the pictures. And yes, sisters are amazing. My sisters roped me into that half marathon and now I actually run! And I miss them. Glad you got to do that together.

Anne-Marie said...

Way to go Michelle!
I love running & can't wait to get back into it post-baby. You looked great at the wedding by the way!

Stacy Mike and Thalia Talbot said...

Michelle you look awesome and you are SO awesome for doing that! Good job girlie!:)

Harris Family said...

You guys look great! Sisters are the best!

Kelsie said...

Girl, you look AMAZING!!!! I just love you two! Good job on the marathon, I only WISH I could do one. I can barely run to the church which happens to be a field away from me. Pity!