Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Look mom, no training wheels!

This post was from the summer and I just realized it never got posted!  So here you go:

I am the Young Women President in my ward, which means I get to go to Girl's Camp (which I wasn't super excited about this year, just because night time is when I get my "morning sickness" and I have to pee about 5 times a night.  Not fun when you are camping!).  So while I was away at Girl's Camp (for just one night and one and a half days), Jake was home with the girls.

Emmy has been ready to take the training wheels off her bike for a while.  In fact, Jake did take them off a couple of months ago, but Emmy crashed and wouldn't ride her bike again until they were on.  So Jake put them back on.  But while I was at Girl's Camp (July 11th, to be exact), Jake decided it was finally time to take those training wheels off.  And now, Emmy is a pro and riding with no training wheels!  She is SO proud of herself, it's the cutest thing.  And she wants to show everyone how she can ride with no training wheels.

Since Jake was teaching her how to ride her bike with no training wheels, he didn't get any pictures.  Good thing moms are usually prepared with a camera!  I just wasn't there for this one, darn it!

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