Saturday, April 13, 2013

Instagram February Highlights

Here's a peek at what February looked like at our house through Instagram.

 I love this ...

 Christian's first hairdo!

Such a sweet baby

Emmy's artwork ... her boyfriend (not really) moved :(

I'm in love :)

Emmy putting together her Valentines for her class

Heart-shaped pancakes for VDay breakfast

And more of the boy :)

Emmy left this note for us on our dry-erase frame:

Christian rolling to his side to sleep

Kate playing Temple Run in her undies.  I don't even know how long she played for ...

Yep :)

His first real smile was at 3 weeks old

Emmy got the Super Student award!
Not really sure what it meant but she was excited about it!

Out to lunch!
The baby was asleep in the car seat.

I took Emmy to get her nails painted while Kate spent a couple of days in St. George with Aunt Lindsey.  Don't worry - she had peeled it all off by the time I picked her up from school!

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