Wednesday, April 10, 2013

January 2013 Highlights

The main highlight of January was, of course, welcoming Christian to our family!

But there were a few other things that happened ...

The girls love going on ATV rides, even in the winter.  They had to get bundled up (it was COLD outside!) and daddy took them for a ride on Papa's four-wheeler.

This girl sure loves pink!

Cutie :)

Daddy getting them extra bundled with a cozy blanket (or "blanklet" as Kate likes to call them)

My beautiful girls and handsome husby!

My wonderful friend, Brooke, threw me a baby shower!  It was lots of fun and I received some wonderful gifts for the baby (and myself - a pedicure!  Best gift for a pregnant mama!)
(From left: Natalie Shirley, Melissa Eggertson, Mary Armour, Brooke, Me, Audrey Nielsen (my girls call her Grandma Audrey - the sweetest lady ever!), Jess, Carrie Leavitt, Alisha Graf, mom, Daxey pants and Linds)

We had to get a pic of the Hansen girls :)

Remember the pedicure I mentioned above?  I decided to make it a double-date with Emmy so we could have some girl time before the baby came.  She loved it!

On Friday nights, we do a Family Movie Night.  This particular night, we decided to have some Velata, which is yummy fondue.  The girls loved dipping all of the yummy things in the chocolate.  That's why fondue is so much fun!

And, of course, the girls LOVE having a new baby in the house!  I don't even know how many times I've had to tell them to leave the baby alone for a minute - they love giving him hugs and kisses, holding him and talking in their baby voices to him.

So many pics of him sleeping ...

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