Saturday, April 13, 2013

March Madness begins

{I'm going to split these posts up so it's not one super huge, long post ... }

March started out like any normal month.

Emmy and I watching Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never"

And Kate playing with tissues on her head.  And my head.  And the baby's head.

But it ended up being the craziest (and scariest) month of my life so far.

The girls had been sick with colds.  I have been super paranoid about RSV since the baby was born, so as soon as I realized they were sick, the baby was off limits to them and I tried to keep him in another room, away from them.  I did not want him to get sick.  He hadn't been to church yet and I'd only taken him to the store a couple of times.  I hadn't even been to the gym yet, which is a big deal since I go 5 days a week when the kids are all healthy.  But they don't take babies until they are 6 weeks old, and Christian was 5 weeks old at this point.

I noticed he sounded wheezy and rattley and he had a teeny cough.  Nothing too concerning but since I was so paranoid about RSV, I wanted to have him tested.  Our pediatrician, Dr. Newbold, was out of town so I took Christian to the ER,  knowing they could test him there.  They did the swab and it came back positive.  He was retracting pretty bad - I didn't even know what retracting was until then.  They did a chest x-ray which showed he might have pneumonia, too and they decided to admit him to the hospital, which surprised me.  I thought they would just tell me what to do/how to take care of him with the RSV at home.

(In the ER, waiting to see the doctor)

When they decided to admit him, they got an IV going:

Jake and my parents showed up and Jake and my dad gave the baby a blessing, saying he would recover, which was really comforting.

I thought we'd be at the hospital for a few days and then go home when the baby got a little better.  They put him on oxygen, since his oxygen levels were low and the waiting game for him to get better began.

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