Saturday, October 27, 2007

Grandpa Venturi

Jake and I love this pic. It was taken at our wedding reception. Classic grandpa!

I posted some of these pics a couple of months ago, but Jake's Grandpa Venturi passed away this past week. We got a phone call on Tuesday saying if we wanted to say goodbye, we'd better get there quickly because they didn't know how long he would be around. We made a quick trip to Orem and back in one day, but it was worth it. Although grandpa was heavily medicated and wouldn't wake up again, we got to say goodbye. Jake was so glad for the opportunity to do that.

Grandpa Venturi was almost 93 years old. I remember when Jake and I were engaged and I met grandpa, I loved him right away. He was a quiet man but his eyes were filled with so much life and wisdom. They were such kind eyes. He was a great man and we feel lucky that our lives were touched by his.

We love you and will miss you, Grandpa Venturi!

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April said...

Lose picture of him and Emmy are priceless and so cute. I don't even know him and it made me tear up, what a sweet man. Thats great that Emmy got to meet him a few times, even though she won't remember. My love to your family right now.