Friday, October 5, 2007

Chatter Box

Emmy has been such a chatter box lately. She is constantly talking and having conversations with herself. It is so cute and fun to watch! She even started talking the other day after she fell and got hurt, in between cries. It was like she was saying "Mom, I was just trying to walk across the couch and I ran into something and I fell! And it kinda hurt!" all while she was crying. It was hillarious.

Emmy is also starting to use actual words, which is really exciting. She says, "Hi!" in the cutest little voice! She also says "What's that?" but it sounds more like "wha sa?" My child is so smart! She can say "Pa pa" which is what the grandkids call my dad. She says "ma ma" and "da da".

She can also sign. She signs "daddy" (not mommy yet, dang it!), "kiss", and "more" (she doesn't know what "more" means, she just knows how to do the sign so she does it randomly. I'm trying to teach her what it means).

I've also been working on teaching her to find her nose for a couple of months. She always just looks at me and doesn't do anything. And the doctor said his baby didn't do it until she was 14 months old so I kind of gave up a little. Well, I decided to try it again the other day and, to my surprise, she touched her nose! I was so excited! It is so fun to see how smart she is. Every age just keeps getting better with her!


April said...

how cute is that. I love when they talk in their own language. And she's signing how cute? I have never tried it. And she can touch her nose? What a smarty. So cute. I can't wait to see her again, probably won't be until Christmas.
By the way hows the business?

Mrs. B said...

So talented!! I want to play with her.