Monday, October 22, 2007

Pumpkin Festivals, Blueberries & First Steps

Mom & Emmy
Grammy & Emmy

Emmy, Grammy and I went to our town's annual Pumpkin Festival this weekend. Emmy is still a little young to enjoy all of the activities (face painting, pumpking bowling, eating a donut on a string, etc) but we still had fun walking around.

Jake and Papa didn't go because they were busy hunting. J was so excited because it was his first time hunting. Sorry to say that they didn't even see a deer until the end of the 2nd day and they were does, not bucks. Oh well! There's always next year. Although I'm a little relieved because he wanted to make jerky out of the meat . . . sounds not too tasty!

Emmy tried her first blueberries a couple of weeks ago. And as you can see, she loved them!

She is also getting ready to walk. She took her first steps last week! Jake and I were walking her back and forth between the two of us. I let go of her hands as Jake was reaching for her. She took 3 or 4 steps on her own! She gets mad at us now when we try to do it, but I have to try! She is constantly wanting us to walk with her around the room, holding her hands. She cruises while holding onto her walker and while walking in her sit-down walker. So give her a month or so and I think she'll be walking on her own. I can't believe how fast she is growing up!!!


April said...

Wow walking, so cute and fast. And so sad they are growing up so fast. She will be one soon, wow time flys.

Mrs. B said...

Have I ever told you what a super hot mom you are?? Woohoo!!