Thursday, November 1, 2007

There's no place like home . . .

It's Dorothy in her Ruby Slippers!

Emmy loved walking through the leaves on the way home from Trunk or Treat

Eating a Halloween Tootsie Roll. She loved it!

Just Chillin!

Happy Halloween! This year was Emmy's first Halloween and it was so much fun dressing her up. We went to the church for our ward's Halloween party and Trunk or Treat. We didn't stick around for the Trunk or Treat part (Emmy was getting pretty tired and cranky) but we had fun.

This is Emmy's new face when she pouts. It is so funny!

And Happy Birthday, Lindsey (my beautiful sister)! What a fun day to have a birthday! We went to her house on Saturday and had a birthday party. It was a blast! I dressed up as a witch (although I looked like Professor McGonagall) and Jake dressed up as Dracula. There was a Murder Mystery game and I won! The prize was a $50 gift certificate to Macaroni Grill. Yum yum!!! Lindsey has the pics on her camera so when she emails them to me I will post them.

Lindsey and I a LONG time ago - how funny!

Happy Halloween!


April said...

Love the Dorothy costume, she looks so cute. And I love those shoes. She looks so big, isn't she going to be one soon? Wow. I didn't know Lindsey's birthday was Halloween, thats fun. Tell her Happy birthday.

TheReadFam said...

that is so funny, i saw the pic before i read it and i was like, dang that totally looks like lindsey. how cute is that.
plus, gotta love that dorothy costume. WAY cute. did you make it?
i get so many compliments on Bryn's hair clips! so I hope you are getting business, i have been refering them to your site.

p.s. where did you get your "thankful" blocks?

ashley said...

Cute:) I love the tootsie roll picture!

M&M Kanet said...

She's adorable as usual! Dracula isn't in the Wizard of Oz. It's surprising that Jake didn't want to be a munchkin :)