Friday, November 16, 2007

Fun in the sun!

Emmy and I went to St. George last week. They have a "River Walk" where kids can get into the water and play (the bottom of the "river" is cement and there are big rocks for the kids to play on). We went and Emmy had so much fun playing in the water! Can you believe it was warm enough for her to be in her swimsuit and splash around? It was in the 80's. Crazy! But it was a fun time to get out and just have some fun in the sun!
We also went to the park last week. Emmy loves the swings, can you tell?

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TheReadFam said...

happy b day!

I'm so glad i finally got to meet lil Emmy in person. she is a doll, just like her momma!

It was so good to see you!

we need to plan a trip to cabo together, can stay at my parents timeshare for like $10 a night.

let me know if you want to plan it.