Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Tinkerbell Party

Emmy wanted a Tinkerbell party for her birthday, so that is what she got!

{Emmy dressed up like Tinkerbell}

I made these tissue paper pom-poms:
I've seen them all over blog-land and decided to have a go at them.  I thought they turned out really cute, and they are now hanging in Emmy's room.

For the party, I sprinkled the kids with "Pixie Dust" as they came in the door.  Then they decorated paper stars:

and then played "Pin the star on Tinkerbell's wand":

I read them a Tinkerbell story:

They colored Tinkerbell pictures and we had a Tinkerbell pinata:
{I LOVE this picture of Skye!  She is getting ready to hit that pinata!}

The kids, frantically trying to get their bags of candy filled:

And I made Tinkerbell cupcakes w/ homemade strawberry frosting - yum yum!  They were easy-peasy and super cute.

Emmy made a wish and blew out her candle!

And, of course, there were lots of presents to be opened:

Emmy had so much fun at her party!  I put "Pixie Dust" in the goodie bags (glitter from the dollar store) and Emmy has me put it on her "so she can fly" at least once a day, which means she's always got little glitter flecks in her hair.

I also got to take donuts to Emmy's preschool class for her birthday.  She was really excited for me to come, and I got to meet the kids she always talks about.

Here she is with her teacher, Ms. Charlene:

 Kate enjoyed a donut and some crackers at Emmy's school, too:

And here are Emmy's stats:

{Weight}: 35 lbs, 14 oz (58th percentile)

{Height}: 39 inches (33rd percentile)

{Love this pic - mouth full of donut and frosting on her face, just the way it should be}

We love you, Emmy!!!


The Yoder's Four said...

Looks like it was such a fun, cute party!! Sorry Madelyn missed it! Looks like little girl heaven!

Mary said...

Such a fun party! So sad we missed it. I love those tissue paper balls, I've seen them too & love them!