Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

We had such a fun Halloween this year.  
Emmy was SO excited to go trick or treating.

We decided to all be pirates this year - I have to go with a theme as long as I can get away with it!

Isn't Emmy the cutest pirate EVER?

Along with Kate, of course :)

And Jake actually let me put some make-up on him so that he could really look like Captain Jack Sparrow!  And he did!  He got so many comments at our ward Halloween party, he's thinking of becoming a stunt double :)

All the girls have matching pirate "beauty marks" on their face (I couldn't resist . . .)
Mr. and Mrs. Pirate at your service . . .
We had dinner at the church and then the ward had a Halloween Carnival.
The kids had so much fun!
Jake and I were both in charge of booths (because of church callings, I'll tell you about them in another post), but luckily I got to close down my booth early and take the girls around to the other booths.

After the carnival, we went trick or treating.  Emmy loved it!  So much that she did NOT want to go home.  We've all been eating way too much candy, but that's the fun of Halloween, right?

{Picture complete with Kate's "camera face"}
We had a great Halloween and
we hope you all had a SpOoKy Halloween, too!


The Yoder's Four said...

I'm laughing at Kate's camera face. Haha....she has the CUTEST little costume! Maybe I can talk Madelyn into being a pirate next year.

I think Jake should wear makeup and a wig more often.

Lara said...

So fun! You all look amazing, and are looking really good!

Anne-Marie said...

I agree with Lara! You look fab Michelle! I'm going to try your website you've been using when Jonah is nursing less. I had to stop WW because my milk was drying up.

Nicole said...

Cute blog and especially cute pics Michelle. Love your Family!