Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A much needed update

Life has been crazy and busy at our house lately.  Here's a little update on our lives.

In June, Jake was called to be in the Elder's Quorum presidency.  When he got the call from the Stake President, he was really scared that he would be called to be the president.  When he found out it was to be one of the councilors, he was relieved!

In July, Jake got a job at the hospital working as a Patient Care Assistant (CNA) in Same-Day Surgery.  He really loved working at the Pediatrician's office and worked there for almost two years, but when he heard there was an opening at the hospital he decided to go for it.  There were around 100 applicants and Jake is the one who got it!  He is such a hard worker and we are so proud of him!

Then in August, I was called to be the Young Women's President.  Yup, the President.  I don't know how qualified I really am to be in charge but it has been so much fun so far!  I have so much fun with the girls, I feel like I still should be one of the Young Women :)

Needless to say, between our two callings Sundays are not the peaceful day they used be.  Jake and I are juggling kids between meetings before church and then trying to juggle Kate at church.  I cannot wait until she is officially in the nursery!

Did I say Sundays are busy?  Scratch that.  Every day is busy.  Jake and I are juggling kids almost everyday, it seems.  Between work and Jake's classes, my voice students and YW responsibilities, we have to schedule everything out so that we know who has the kids.  Luckily we live next door to my parents.  They have really been lifesavers!  If Jake and I both have to be gone at the same time (which happens more than I'd like) my parents are always willing to step in and take the girls.  What would we do without them?!

 {Jake and the Premier Pediatrics team}

Also in August, Jake ran in a 31 mile relay down Cedar Canyon and through Cedar City.  He was on a team with the people he used to work with at the Pediatrician's office.   He had a great time doing it and we were proud of his accomplishment.

 {Jake and the girls}

I also started a new blog, Loving Every Second.  I don't have the time to do new posts everyday - I'm lucky to get one or two posts a week on it - but it's fun to have a place to put the projects I've been working on.

There is a little update on us!  Now you know why I've been MIA on our blog!  But stay-tuned for a new post next week on Emmy.  She turns four next week!


Lauren said...

Wow sounds like you guys are busy! But a good busy!! :)

Lara said...

Life is certainly crazy, that's for sure! You are definitely blessed to have your parents so (very, very!) close. I am jealous of that, but I have learned to not be afraid to ask others for help.

Anyway, you guys are amazing and we miss you!

The Yoder's Four said...

Those crazy Newbold's and all their crazy races they do every weekend! JK, I heard that one was a lot of fun and that Jake did really well.

Sounds like you are way busy. If I can ever finish my sewing projects, I feel like life will be so much easier, but by then it will be the holidays. You can't ever get ahead these days!!

April said...

such a cute and WAY busy family. I swear its always busy. But busy is good right? So fun!

kourtney said...

You are too good! Love your new blog and everything you do! Way to go! I will keep checking in on you. Good to see you are all well and happy! Your girls are soooooo beautiful!