Monday, November 22, 2010

Emmy turns 4!

{The birthday girl on the morning of her birthday}

Emmy turned {four} last week!

My, how the time flies.  For real.  I swear, this little girl was just a little baby joining our family.

She had a great birthday!  
She opened presents:

{She's a big Tinkerbell fan}

 {She had been asking for a Book of Mormon.  She has to hold it every time we sing "Book of Mormon Stories"}

{This present was the big winner - she loves that the fairy wings can turn into the Barbie's dress, and vice-versa}

I made her an Ariel cake, but it was not the best looking cake in the world, so I am not posting pics - I'm too embarrassed about it!  But she {loved} it and that's all that matters.

She had a Tinkerbell party with her friends, which I will post about later.

Here are some things I want to remember about Emmy:

- She still {LOVES} to sing!  And she's got a great little voice (I'm not just saying that because I'm her mom, promise!).  She is always singing her little heart out.

- She has a fun little imagination.  We are constantly "playing" something.  Most of the time she's Christine and I'm the Phantom.  Or I'm Jane and she's a monkey (from Tarzan) or she's Jane and I'm Tarzan.  And it doesn't matter where we are or what we are doing.  It can be while I'm making dinner or getting ready.  She's always ready to play make believe!

- I taught her "I am so smart.  S.M.R.T."  Why?  I'm not sure.  But it is so funny listening to her sing it.  I wonder what her preschool teacher thinks about that one . . .

- Emmy can write her name and she knows all of her letters.  We will be at the store and she will get so excited and say, "Mom!  There's a "L"!!!"  The best was when we were in St. George and she saw the big D on the hill.  She excitedly yelled out, "MOM!!!  There's a "D" on the mountain!!!"

- She is becoming a better eater (YAY!) and is more willing to try new foods.

- She LOVES books!  We try to read to her for at least 15 minutes a day, usually right before bed time, but she could be read to for hours at a time.

These are her school pictures.  So cute!!!  I love them!  I was too lazy to scan it in, so I took a picture of the picture, which is why it maybe looks a little distorted :) 

Emmy and I had a mommy-daughter date a couple weeks ago with my sister and her daughter.  We saw "Phantom" at Dixie High.  Oh my.  She LOVED it!!! 

The girls dressed up in their "Christine dresses" and their "Christine cape's" that Grammy made them last year for Christmas.  We went to dinner first and everyone was loving them in their dress-ups.

{Mysterious . . .}

DHS has changed A LOT since I went to school there!  Their theater department is awesome - it really was such a great production.  Just look at the huge Phantom mask that was outside the theater!

Emmy wanted to get a picture with "Christine" but, of course, I had to be in the picture with her.  She just stared at all of the characters after the play.  Especially the Phantom.  But she would not even let me get close to him!  Apparently he was too scary.

Coming up next, a post about the Tinkerbell party!


kourtney said...

Happy Birthday Emmy! I can't believe how quick they grow! She is too beautiful!

Anne-Marie said...

She can NOT possibly be four already! Happy Birthday sweet Emmy!

LOVE your hair, Michelle! You're so pretty.

The Yoder's Four said...

Happy birthday, Emmy! I love how she pretends to be Christine all the time. So glad you got to take her to the show! We love our girly girls. :)