Sunday, March 22, 2009

Trip to Disneyland! {Days 3 & 4}

{Day 3}

Since Lindsey and I are both pregnant and can't go on all the rides, we took Emmy on the rides that she could go on. It actually worked out great, we didn't feel left out and Jake had people to go on the big rides with.

Emmy and I on the Dumbo ride. She had fun flying up and down!

On the carousel. What kid doesn't love the carousel?

Dylan and Papa after Splash Mountain - they just got a little wet . . . :)

We ate some glorious cinnamon rolls at the Blue Ribbon Bakery. They were huge and had tons of frosting. They were so good!
In front of California Adventure

Emmy and daddy in front of the big wave pool

Jake loved the giant pickles! They were cold and crispy, a perfect snack on a hot day!

Here we are eating . . . again. I had a yummy salad on the Wharf in a big bread bowl. Mmmmmm!

This is a series of pics that were so funny.
Emmy was playing with a straw . . .

She thought it might look good on her eye . . .

Then she thought it might look good on both eyes . . . what a silly girl!

We saw Minnie so we had to get a pic with her! Plus the line wasn't very long :) Emmy loved being right next to Minnie. She had this cute little smile on her face.

On a ride in the Bug's Life area. It was so hot outside! I got a nice little sunburn on my chest.

Grammy, Papa, Matt and his family all left early to go home on this day. Derek, Jake, Dylan and Ella went on the Tower of Terror (twice!) while we took Emmy on more rides in the Bug's Life area. We went back to Disneyland after and ate, again :) We ordered a big pizza and had ice cream cones. Then it was time to head back to the hotel and relax in the hot tub!

{Day 4}

We spent a half day at Disneyland on the last day - we had to drive home :( But we had a lot of fun going on some rides for Emmy. Jake sacrificed Splash Mountain so that he could take Emmy on some rides. What a nice daddy!

We had to get a pic in front of the castle and the Walt Disney and "Mickey House" statue

The beginning of the "Pirates" ride, right before the first drop. Emmy loves looking at this picture :)

The end of the ride. We couldn't use our flash (they told us "no flash photography") so we did the best we could w/ this pic. It's a little fuzzy.

Outside of the "Pirates" exit (my belly looks huge here!)

We had such a fun trip and are glad we talked Matt and his family and Grammy and Papa into coming with us. It wouldn't have been the same without you! We can't wait until our next trip to Disneyland!


Harris Family said...

Got to love Disney.. looks like you guys had a fun time! And your tummy doesn't even look that huge :)

Ammon and Tasha said...

How fun! Looking at all your pics got me exited for when we go in May! If you were hot now makes me nervous how hot it will be than! arrgggh! But I am totally hitting all the places you went to eat! Sounds way yummy!!

Amy said...

Looks like you had a blast, and you look amazing by the way!

kourtney said...

What a fun trip! I want to go so badly, but my kids are too busy. I have to wait until their schedules free up! Congrats on another girl! You look great!

Anne-Marie said...

I'm so excited to go next month while I'm not pregnant. I love rides!

(love your new banner!)

Mary said...

Looks like you guys had tons of fun! You look really cute prego by the way:)

The Jones Fam said...

This makes me so excited! We are going to Disneyland next weekend and know Jaylee is going to love it! How fun that you are having another girl! Emmy will love having a sister!

Brooke said...

what a fun vacation! and so fun that your whole family could go!