Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trip to Disneyland! {Day 1}

We had such a great time on our trip to Disneyland!

We woke up bright and early (4:30 am!!!) on Sunday morning so that we could get to California. We stopped in St. George, all piled into my sister and her family's car and were on our way. Our first stop was to Huntington Beach. This was Emmy's first real trip to the beach (we went to Mexico when she was 2 months old, but she didn't get in the water then and I think she enjoyed it this time much better!). The water was freezing but that didn't stop her from getting her feet wet :) She loved running up to the waves, then running away from them as they chased her. She was in heaven!

Here are some highlights:

Daddy and Emmy running away from the waves (we didn't bring her swimsuit to the beach . . . it's ok because the water was so cold!!!)

Running to the waves . . .
And running away! Watch out, it's gonna get you!

An attempt at a family picture . . . Emmy was mad because we took her away from the water and Jake has his eyes closed. What do you do? I still like it :)

I love these cute little "tootsies" (that's what toes are called at our house)

Emmy playing on the beach. She loved playing in the sand!

After the beach we walked around the shops. It was our first time to Huntington Beach and we had so much fun! We finished the night off by eating at BJ's Pizza (soooo yummy!) right in Huntington Beach. We were all so tired by the time we got to the hotel that we crashed (waking up at 4:30 am will do that to you . . .)! Oh, and we had seven people staying in one hotel room! It was a one-bedroom so the kids were all out in the front room (Dylan on the couch, Ella on an air mattress and Emmy in her port-a-crib - luckily the front room was pretty big) and the four adults were in the bedroom on the two beds. It was so much fun to all stay together in the same room, even if we did all have to share one bathroom and listen to Derek snoring :)


Hoylelicious said...

I love the "tooties" picture!! I love feet they are so cute! Looks like the beach day was a success!

Ammon and Tasha said...

What a fun trip! I cant wait to take the kids to the beach this summer! It is always fun to see how the kids react to the waves "chasing" them!

Sammy said...

FUN! Don't you just love the beach, i love those pictures, so adorable, she is so cute.

Mary said...

So fun! I love th ocean, I can't wait to take Ellie. I think the family pic turned out great:) way cute.

April said...

So jealous, I can't wait to take my kids someday, I bet Emmy loved it. Can't wait to see more.