Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Big Girl

It was time to move Emmy from her crib to her big girl bed. I wanted to make the transition far enough before the baby came that Emmy didn't think the baby was "stealing" her bed. Here's daddy and Emmy setting up the bed:

Not sure if Emmy was much help, throwing her toys in the way

Jake working hard :)

The final result!

We've actually moved the bed since this picture was taken. Since her bed was right under the window, Emmy would sit and play in the window instead of sleeping. I guess looking out of the window is really exciting!

But the transition from crib to big girl bed has been so smooth! I was worried that it would be a big headache but it's been two or three weeks and she's only gotten out of bed a couple of times. She loves that she is a "big girl" now. And she likes to tell me, "I a big girl!"

The next step is to try potty training before the baby comes . . . I need to start soon but I'm scared! Does anyone have any advice to get started???


Rachel Ure said...

good luck with the bed and the potty training!!
Like you, I am pregnant. My baby is due one week after the workshop is scheduled for. So, I won't be trying to do it this year. The prices looked better than last year, and i think they are bringing in better speakers too. maybe next year I will have money saved up to make it happen. It sure was fun to have a chance to play recording artist for a day.

Amy said...

I had Bingham move into a big boy bed before Boen arrived, it was great! He loved it. I didn't get him potty trained though. He turned to 27 days before Boen was born, infact he still isn't potty trained. He will every now and then, but boys take a longer time for some reason. I am gonna check your blog to see peoples good ideas. I know potty watches are pretty helpful!

April said...

I think its a great idea you moved her before the baby came. I love the bedding did you guys make that too?
Potty training? Yikes? Hate it. I say get the potty watch, you can get it online, since Emmy loves music I think she's like it because it plays a song every 30, 60, 0r 90 min and tells them when to go. Good luck. Let her pick out some pretty panties. I think she'll do great.

Anne-Marie said...

Love the bed-how cute.

As for pt...I'm a huge believer that it 100% depends on the child, not the techniques...But, load up on candy, stickers, potty chair & big girl panties anyway...and carpet cleaner.

Rachel said...

She is growing up so fast, she is so cute!!

Ok now about the PT here is your advice WAIT!! I pushed McKenna and it took her two years Tanner took two days.I had to prepare him and myself for what was going to happen. Take some classes on it and read some books I know that sounds funny but it will make it easier on all of you. Don't stress out.

Hansen Family said...

Ummmm potty training... well, I guess that I stunk w/ Grey because it took until he was 3 1/2! However, Mads was a piece of cake. I do think girls are easier on this topic. We had a potty chart in the bathroom w/ load of stickers she got to put on when she used the potty. OH - the musical potty is great! She would love it... just beware when they try to empty it themselves. Icky icky icky. Lastly, let her go bare bottomed around the house for a couple of days. Plan to stay home and no diapers... that worked w/ Mads too. After a few days she was basically done with diapers! Have LOADS of fun :-)

Stacy Mike and Thalia Talbot said...

If they fight it too hard just back off but Thalia finally got it with a treat jar next to the potty. Don't mess with pull-ups except for naps and bedtime because they are too confusing. Also popsicles help them to keep hydrated if they won't drink a lot of water for you. Good luck-I know she will do great!

Deirdra said...

At this point wait until after the baby, that is my advice. Izzy totally regressed. What a nightmare. We are still in the process of redoing it all. YIKES! Glad she likes the bed, it is cute.

Mary said...

Cute Big Girl Bed. I've been thinking about moving Ellie into hers...someday:) No advise on the potty training, I'm scared too!

kourtney said...

Isn't that always makes me sad to see them move up. The window is hard too...I just can't move the bed far enough away!