Saturday, April 5, 2008

Highlights from my trip to China Part 2

Summer Palace. Where the Dragon Lady used to go for the summer. It was really cold and overcast again this day so the pic's didn't turn out too well.

Trying to translate into English - there were many signs like this! It was hillarious!
The Great Wall - it snowed while we were there! That's why the pics are not very clear. But we still climbed the wall. It was amazing! And it was really steep. And cold.
We were seriously frozen! We didn't know it would be snowing so we didn't bring any coats, just wind breakers.
See how steep? And cold?
A ton of Chinese people wanted to get pic's with me! Usually one by one. So I decided to get a pic w/ a group that wanted pic's w/ me. I guess because I'm tall and white :)

Lingering Garden. It was so beautiful!
Turtles for sale in a market. They are not pets, they eat them - yuck!!!!

Notice that the child is wearing split pants w/ his diaper sitcking out. All babies wear these there. When they get a little older, they don't wear a diaper underneath so you just see their bum. When they have to go potty, they just squat wherever they are and go!

So cold! In front of Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill. It's a 7-story leaning pagoda on top of a hill that is over 1,000 years old.

This is a neighborhood where people live. All the houses are at least 2-5 stories high. They don't have enough land to build out so they have to build up.

The Oriental Pearl Tower - it's a tv tower. Cool, huh? At night it's all lit up and pretty.
People working hard in the tea fields, that's right, tea fields. Those are all tea bushes.
In Suzhou, they call this area the Venice of the Orient - there are bridges going across and people live right on the water, just like in Venice
There were so many BeAuTiFuL gardens
You can always count on McD's to be wherever you are!


April said...

Michelle thats so awesome, what a cool place too go. I bet they wanted a pic w/ you because you are beautiful and they probably thought you were famous. Love the hat too. I am glad you had a good time. I hope Em was ok without you and you without her. Thats a long time to be gone.

Supermom said...

The Summer palace was one of my favorite places to go. I am sorry the weather wasn't so great for you guys. And YES! The Temple of Heaven is GORGEOUS! I think I have more pictures of that place than any other. I am so happy you got to visit so many places.

Lesley said...

Michelle it looks like your trip was awesome! It's good to see the three Hansen girls together in pictures. It has been forever since I've seen you guys! I bet you missed your little Binga more than words!

Notes From My Underbelly said...

What cool pictures you are making me covet! Stop it! Just kidding show us more!!!

haley said...

wow, thank you thank you thank you for the pics, how much fun! what an amazing trip you all had, and fun memories too. i'm glad you all got to go, and came back safe.

Stacy Mike and Thalia Talbot said...

Michelle what an awesome experience! I am sooo glad you took pics it's one place I have always wondered what it's like.
I'm glad you're back-I love your blogs! (: