Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Emmy Update

I decided it was time to do an update on Emmy! Here are some of the cute things she does . . .

- Says the name of animals w/ the accompanying sounds ( my favorite is when she neighs like a horse)

- Points to her eyes, nose, mouth, belly button (or "belly butt" as our tour guide in China called it . . .)

- Loves wearing glasses of any kind (especially grammy & papa's reading glasses - she can always find a pair laying around)

- Dances to any music that is on. If there's music playing, she's a-boogying!

- Puts on shoes all day long, but not hers. I can always find her walking around the kitchen in a large pair of shoes

- Gets sooooo excited when her cousins come! She loves running around w/ Dylan and Ella and they love running around w/ her!

- Talks on the phone all the time. She'll find any kind of object and it will be her phone. She holds it between her head and her shoulder and says "hello!" w/ some accompanying jibberish.

- Loves watching Enchanted, her new favorite movie. We just bought Annie so that could be a favorite soon.

- She does NOT like eating vegetables!!! Sometimes I can get her to eat some cucumber and she had a bite of spaghetti squash last night (but she wouldn't eat anymore after the first bite, the little stinker!). Other than that, she just spits them out. But I will keep trying, dang it!

- She loves when we read to her and she loves sitting in her Dora chair and reading out loud to herself
- She loves saying hi to people. When we go anywhere she is constantly saying hi to anyone and everyone. She's such a social little butterfly!
We just love our little Binga!!! She brings so much joy into our lives and makes us laugh and smile everyday!


April said...

To cute, sounds like her and Ruby are about the same. They are really girls, because Ruby loves shoes too.

patrick & carly said...

What a little sweetheart! I haven't seen the little stink for way too long! I think a visit is in order!

Anonymous said...

We miss seeing our little Emmy so we decided to check out the blog. Well, I hope she is truly feeling better and sleeping at night. We are sleeping better at night with out all the baby noise. Later, Mom and Dad