Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kate's first day of Preschool!

Kate was so excited to go to school this year, just like Emmy. And I was really excited that she got to go to the same preschool as Emmy. There's usually a year or two waiting list that we never got Kate on (Emmy qualified to go to the school because of ADD, which she has since outgrown) because the school is so great. But we got her in!  She has one of the same teachers that Emmy had, Miss Charlene.  We love Miss Charlene and Kate absolutely loves going to school and learning!  And she is so smart, she picks up on everything so fast.  I don't know how moms that homeschool do it - I think my kids and I would drive each other crazy!

 I had to get a pic of the girls in their backpacks together, even though Emmy didn't start until the next day:

I decided to fancify the girls' chalkboard for their "First Day of School" signs to hold:

I love when these girls love each other!

Walking towards the school - Emmy was so excited for Kate to be going to her preschool:

So excited they had to run to the door:

Miss Charlene, showing Kate where to find her name and hang her backpack:

Kate was so happy to be starting school.  Emmy and I said good-bye and Kate was happy to stay at school!

She started out going two days a week and then the school called to let us know an opening for four days a week had opened up.  We talked about it and decided it would be good for Kate to do the four days a week, especially with the baby coming.  It gives her her own thing to be doing and focusing on while mommy is focusing on the baby.  So she goes four days a week now and loves it!

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