Friday, February 17, 2012

The Incident

It's February . . . guess it's time to blog about Christmas!

Kate loved playing with our Christmas tree this year.
I could always find her with a Christmas ornament in hand . . .

One day, I was in the bathroom doing Emmy's hair.  I don't even think I heard anything, but I peeked my head out of the bathroom and saw the Christmas tree on it's side.  Yep, Kate knocked over the Christmas tree!  She must have been trying to get one of the ornaments off and pulled too hard.  Luckily she didn't get hurt.

So here's the tree before "the incident" (I found a pic I had taken a few days before):

Here is the floor after "the incident," with Kate looking a little distressed.  I'm sure my freaking out had absolutely nothing to do with it:

And the tree after "the incident," missing ornaments on one whole side of the tree!:

Kate was a little scared to take ornaments off after she knocked the tree over.  Luckily, we have mostly plastic ornaments, but one of my glass Disney ornaments wasn't so lucky (I'm an ornament collector, so when I'm in Disneyland at Christmas time, I get an ornament).  Eh, what can you do?  Kids will be kids!

We've also caught Kate coloring in magic marker all over the kitchen counter and chairs, drawing all over herself, painting on herself, getting into my make-up (almost a daily occurance - we have to keep our bathroom door locked most of the time), ripping paper into a million tiny pieces, and today, tearing flower petals (from my Valentine's Day roses from Jake) into a million pieces and throwing them on the floor.  She likes to get into trouble!

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