Friday, February 17, 2012

Christmas in SLC

We wanted to spend time with our family in the SLC area, so we headed up a couple of weeks before Christmas.

Bekah and Jess had Santa come to their house.  They invited all the nieces and nephews, along with some of their friends, to come visit with Santa and to sit on his lap.

Kate wasn't so sure about Santa this year . . . she stayed toward the back of the group of kids.

Santa talking to the kids:

Kate's turn to sit on Santa's lap - she wouldn't do it!  He even gave her a present, but she wouldn't leave Jake's arms.

Emmy loves Santa!  She got to see four different Santa's this year - one at The Dickens Festival, here at Bekah's, one at the ward Christmas party and then he came to her school, too!  She's one lucky girl to get to see him that many times.

We stayed with Matt and Sonya at their new house in Farmington.  They've got this awesome trail across the street from their house that goes up the mountain a little ways.  We took a little hike and watched out for "Deerhead Man" . . .  he is half man, half deer and is Matt's way of keeping Grey from going to the forest area alone.  Emmy asked me about him today.  For reals.  I guess it will keep her away from there, too.

These are how our family photos always seem to turn out . . . we can't ever get everyone to look at the camera!  At least everyone is smiling in the one above.

Since we were in SLC, we really wanted to take the girls to Temple Square.  I love going when the Christmas lights are up!  It's so hard getting good pics w/ out a tripod, but I did manage to get a couple good ones.

Emmy and Ellie in front of the Christus statue :)

Another attempt at a family photo.  We are blurry here.  But wait . . .

Kate's face is classic here.
This pretty much sums up how she was most of the time at Temple Square:

We feel lucky that we live so close to family!  We love being able to spend time with them, even if it is only a few times a year.

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