Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kate's 6 Month Stats

We took Kate to her 6 month doctor's appointment last week.

Here are her latest stats:

{Weight}19.06 lbs (95th percentile)
{Height}:  27 3/4" (96th percentile)

She is a big, healthy girl!

Oh, and her first tooth made an appearance last week!  Her left central incisor to be exact.


April said...
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April said...

I can't believe how fast its gone. So cute!!!! Good luck with teething no fun for either of you.

Anne-Marie said...

Wow! She is a big girl. My boys were like that w/ the exception of Lucas. Long & skinny. Still is & I think always will be.

Mary said...

"left central incisor" is very exact :)

The Yoder's Four said...

Whew! That's more than Madelyn weighed at her one year checkup! Love it! I can't get over her looong curly eyelashes.