Thursday, January 7, 2010


Emmy says and does funny things all the time - and I am a bad mom because I forget to write them down.  So, this is me being a good mom.  I'm trying to remember all the funny things she's been saying and doing lately and I'm writing them down to ease my conscience.

I've been writing these down for over a week as I remember them, so the list is kind of long.  Here goes . . .

 -  She learned the song "New Divide" by Linkin Park.  Hmmm, wonder where she learned that one from.  It wasn't me, promise.  She calls it "Daddy's song".  Hah, Jake, you're caught!  She'll be in her room while she's supposed to be sleeping.  All of the sudden we'll hear, "Give me reason to prove me wrong, to wash this mem'ry clean!" - the right words and all.  This girl can learn songs and books faster than anyone I know!  Seriously!  She got a new book in her stocking for Christmas and she already has it memorized.  She reads it to us and says the right words.  Crazy!

-  She's been singing a bunch of the songs from the Glee soundtrack (Volumes 1 and 2).  Her favorites include Don't Stop Believin', Bust Your Windows, Alone, Somebody to Love, and Proud Mary.

-  She started Primary on Sunday.  I'm the 1st Counselor in the Primary Presidency.  Not a good combination.  She kept running to me during Sharing Time.  When she went to her class after Sharing Time, she kept walking out and roaming the halls.  She ended up in the Primary room looking for me.  There is a teacher in the Sr Primary that has long dark hair.  Her head was turned and Emmy thought she was me.  She was yelling in a whisper, "Mom!  Mom!"  The teacher turned around and Emmy saw that it wasn't me.  The surprised look on Emmy's face was classic!

-  One day, Emmy ran up to me and said, "Hi!  It's me, Barbie!"  Then she ran away.

-  After the first snowfall this year, we were driving in the car.  Emmy looked out the window and told me that the snow looked like marshmallows.

- If Emmy can smell something, she says, "Mommy, I smell something" or she'll say "what do I smell?"

-  Emmy points to everything with her middle finger.  It's so cute, I haven't told her not to :)

-  She says, "I wanna hold you" when she wants us to hold her.  This started as soon as she could talk with "hold you" and hasn't stopped since.  It's really cute!

-  She calls girls "he" and boys "she".  Sometimes she'll get it right, but most of the time she refers to Kate as "he".

- She's been calling me "Sweet Pea" the past couple of days.  Like, "Hi Sweet Pea!" or "Sweet Pea, are you okay?"  I love it.  It makes me feel special.

-  One morning before she woke up, it was all quiet, she hadn't even made a peep.  All of the sudden I hear, "No, Swiper, no!  No, Swiper, no!"

-  She's been calling Jake "Da da" lately.  That's what I used to call my dad when I was that age :)

-  I was teaching her how to play bowling on the Wii.  She got really frustrated with me and all of the sudden yelled out, "You idiot!"  I was SO mad at first, but then I just started laughing.  I couldn't help it!  She'd never said that before and she was so mad when she said it.  I asked her where she heard that word and she said "Thlushed Away" (Flushed Away in Emmy talk - She says her "f's" with a "th").  We were giggling about the whole thing, she and I, but I made sure to tell her that she's not to say that word again.

-  The other night, after she'd been asleep a while, she started crying.  I let her cry for a few minutes to see if she'd just go back to sleep.  I finally decided she wasn't going to go to sleep on her own and needed some comfort.  I went in her room and over to her bed.  I started feeling around for her in her bed, but couldn't find her anywhere.  I turned on the light and still couldn't see her anywhere in her room, but I could still hear her crying a little.  Then I saw her hair under the bed.  She had crawled under there while she was awake, fallen asleep and then woke up not knowing where she was!  We had just taken off the side-gate thing that we put on her bed when she graduated her from her crib to her bed.  I think she thought maybe it was kind of exciting to have that gone and decided to go exploring, who knows!


Ammon and Tasha said...

I am sure that you are so glad that you wrote those down. they are really cute! thanks for sharing!

Lara said...

She's so adorable.

2 and 3 are so my favorite ages with what comes out of their little minds. :)

The Yoder's Four said...

She is so cute. She reminds me a lot of Madelyn. She will do/copy everything her dad does and she also is fond of the Linkin Park song/music video, "What I've Done". I love the "HI! It's me, Barbie!" HAHAHA!!!

Mary said...

She is so smart & adorable! I loved hearing her sing the Linkin Park song. What a cutie pie :)

Hoylelicious said...

HA HA kids say and do the darnest things!! She is simply adorable!