Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving {Part II}

Lucky us!  We got to celebrate Thanksgiving twice this year!  It's the best when we get to celebrate with each of our families.

My booty isn't loving it, though.  I'm sure it's making my running harder than it should be (did I mention I will be running in a 5K next month?  I'll tell you about it later).

Unfortunately I didn't get very many pics on Thanksgiving day.  So I'm going to blog about two things in this post.

The first will be about us {cutting down our Christmas tree}.  It was so much fun.  It was a tradition that we would cut down our tree growing up, and I'm all about traditions.  I thought it would be a fun one to keep going with my own family.  Plus, the tags only cost $10 - way cheaper than going to a tree lot and buying a tree.  Plus, when you cut your own, you get the whole experience.  I love it!

So, the day before Thanksgiving, we went up Cedar Mountain and cut a tree!  My parents came, too, because they wanted a freshly cut tree of their own.  So my strong, manly husband lent us his muscles and cut down the trees.  Emmy loved stomping around in the snow and helping us pick out a tree.

Here are some pics:

Kate and I.  She had a lot of fun all bundled up w/ mom.

My man after cutting the first tree - what a babe!

Emmy with Narvin, a family friend.  He was visiting my parents and came with us.  I used to babysit his kids when I was in middle school.  He visits every few months and Emmy loves him.

This cool little cocoon-thing was hanging in between some trees

So we got our tree home, rearranged our furniture and started decorating for Christmas!  I love this time of year.  I love getting out my Christmas decorations.  I love listening to Christmas music.  I love eating yummy treats all month long.  It's the best!

So, on to {Thanksgiving}.  My sister came up with her family and we all went over to my brother-in-law's sister's house (got that?).  My sister's husband's sister, Diana, lives in town, too, so instead of eating two huge meals on Thanksgiving, they invited us over to his sister's house to eat with them.  The food was delicious and the company was great.

Here are the only pics I got on Thanksgiving Day:

Emmy riding the little 4-wheeler

Ella riding Emmy's bike

The two girls riding around together.  And . . .

My mom with her delicious pumpkin pie!  She makes the best pies.

Hope you all had wonderful Thanksgivings, too!


Anne-Marie said...

I took zero pictures on Thanksgiving! Too busy hosting I guess. I'm so jealous of your fresh tree! Your house smells divine I'm sure!

Mary said...

I love spending time with family, especially when there is good food all around :)