Friday, May 8, 2009

Let's go fly a kite!

Jake helping Emmy get the kite up. Isn't Cedar City beautiful?

A couple of weeks ago we let Emmy pick out her very own kite. She picked a Barbie kite and she loves flying it! We've only been out to fly it a couple of times, but she loves holding the string and running around with the kite.

Emmy is getting to be such a "big girl," wanting to do things all by herself. I'm glad she's getting more and more independent, since the baby is coming, but I just can't believe she's already two and a half! She has made being a mommy so wonderful (and challenging!). I never knew I could feel this fulfilled in life. Of course, life isn't perfect (who has the "perfect" two year old? Want to swap for a day???). She's been testing her limits with me, getting away with as much as she can, but life sure is fun!

Here are some highlights of our latest kite-flying extravaganza:

She didn't want any help holding the string!

What a cute girl!

Running to keep the kite flying high in the air


Rachel said...

So cute. Hey my two year old is Perfect too!! (HAHAHA)

Mary said...

She is so cute, like a little baby model.

Amy said...

The pictures are so darling! you are so good at photography, and I'm sure it doesn't hurt to have the cutest little model!

Ammon and Tasha said...

So cute! they sure like to be more and more independant these past few months havent they? I cant even undress Izzy any more! Its "No Mommy I DO IT!" I am sure you have heard that a time or two? :)

April said...

Oh she is so pretty. How fun to fly a kite.