Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First haircut!

If you noticed the title of this post, you might think it's a little weird that Emmy is almost two and a half and is just barely getting her first haircut.  Well, she didn't really need one until now!  I'm growing out her hair, but I could tell the ends were ready for a little trim.  So yesterday, we took Emmy to my friend, McCall, to get her first hair cut!  

Emmy wasn't too excited, can you tell?  And McCall was just spraying her hair to get it wet!

Emmy got a sucker and decided that getting her hair cut wasn't too bad

This is the only pic I took of the "after".  She sat on Jake's lap during the haircut.  Overall, Emmy did great :)

I had to get a pic of the little curls that got cut off.


Sammy said...

cute! love that, she's such a doll

Mary said...

Oh, what a sweetie. It breaks my heart when kids get so scared...good thing for suckers!

April said...

What a sad face, suckers always do the trick. I can't believe all that hair.

mccall... said...

Thanks for letting me cut her hair! She is a doll! I loved the fake dramatic tears - she's a drama queen for sure! Jake was such a good dad to hold her!