Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my birthday, and what a great day it was!  

As I get older, birthdays lose their appeal.  Maybe because I'm getting closer to 30 . . .  But all I wanted for my birthday this year was to spend it with my family.  My parents were out of town and Jake works late on Tuesdays.  But Jake surprised me and took the night off!  

Here's how my day went . . . Emmy woke up early (for her, that's 8:00) and Jake made us breakfast!  I requested pancakes (with the homemade strawberry freezer jam I made two weeks ago) and eggs (scrambled w/ cheese, just the way I like 'em).  Yummy!  I went to the gym (just because it's my birthday doesn't mean I get the day off) and then went to the park w/ some friends and let the kids play.  Thanks, Jess, for getting my lunch!  After coming home, putting Emmy down for a nap and showering, I took a nap.  Since Jake didn't have to work he made me dinner - Chicken Marsala.  So yummy!  Jake cleaned up, gave Emmy a bath and then we put her to bed.  We decided not to do a big cake since it's just the two of us (Emmy can't eat cake . . . it has eggs in it) so we made Chocolate Lava cake.  I love the gooey goodness of that delectable, delightful treat.  It was such a nice and relaxed day, I couldn't have asked for anything better!  Here are some highlights . . .

When I got home from the park, there were a dozen beautiful red roses waiting for me.  What a wonderful husband I have!

My handsome husband making me a seriously delicious dinner

I wish you could all have a bite.  It was so good I couldn't stop eating it!

My very own birthday cake!  This isn't the best picture, but I'm sure your mouths are watering anyways . . .

Oh, and Jake had Emmy singing "Happy Birthday" to me all day long.  She had a big smile on her face every time she sang it.  Jake got me Twilight, the movie (yahoo!) and those beautiful flowers.  What more could a girl ask for?  :)  Thanks for such a great birthday, honey.  I love you!


Ammon and Tasha said...

Happy birthday! Glad to hear that you had an awesome day! I turned 30 a few weeks ago and I am feeling the same way, just wanted to spend the day with my family! i guess we are just getting older and more marture :) ok maybe not mature! jk but we just realize what is most important in life! what a great way to spend the bday with the ones that you love! happy birthday!

Anne-Marie said...

Happy Birthday Michelle. I'm so happy you had such a nice day! (i forget that Jake can cook-that is the best!)

Hansen Family said...

Yeah! You deserved a great day! We are excited to see you all next week!
(Monday - Wed.!)

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Michelle!!! It sound like you had a great b-day
Good job Jake
We miss you guys we would love to see you guy.