Monday, January 5, 2009

Mexican Riviera Cruise - Days 4 to 7

These are pics of the second half of our cruise. We ported in Mazatlan and then Puerto Vallarta. Then we had two days at sea while we headed back to California. It was a great vacation, even though I missed Emmy like crazy!

We started day four off in Mazatlan. Luckily, Grant speaks spanish, so he was a big help finding our way around. All the Mexicans would start talking to Jake and he'd just say, "No hablo". Then they didn't believe him that he didn't speak spanish. They all thought he was Mexican! It was pretty funny. Every town we went to, it happened :)

The church in the center of mazatlan. It was really pretty.

None of the nativities in Mexico had the baby Jesus. They must wait until Christmas Eve or Christmas day to put him out . . . it was strange!
Eating at Bambu's in Mazatlan. It came recommended from our friend's Mike and Jess. It was delicioso!

On the Golden Mile beach at Mazatlan. I bought from a lot of beach vendors here. I can't say no!
Jake and Grant rented jet ski's in Mazatlan. It would have been fun to go, but I couldn't since I'm prego. That's ok, though, the boys had a ton of fun and I got to do a little sunbathing :) I like this pic of Jake. It looks like he's playing leap frog onto the jet ski.

The boys riding the waves

The fifth day was spent in Puerto Vallarta. This was our favorite city on the trip. We got to spend the whole day there instead of just a few hours. We walked around the old part of the city. It's a quaint and cute city. This is the Cathedral in town.
Out front of the Cathedral. Don't worry, Jake put his shirt on when we went inside :) I think being in Mexico takes him back to his roots. He liked walking around with his shirt off the whole time. And since we were in our swimsuits, he got to!

This is one of the "quaint" parts - I love all the flower pots hanging out of the window.

We ate lunch at Pipi's. They have yummy drinks! I ate there when my family went to Puerto Vallarta two years ago, and it was so good that we had to go back. The drinks are huge!

Also at Pipi's, they made fresh guacamole at our table. It was so delicious!!!

The big bowl of guac that we finished off in minutes!

We went to Mismaloya beach, about 25 minutes out of Puerto Vallarta. It was a nice and quiet little beach.

I got a wonderful 45 minute back massage here. The little shack was just to the left of what you can see in the pic above. It was right next to the beach and it was all open, so I could hear the water the whole time. It was so relaxing! And it was only $25!

A cute little boat in Puerto Vallarta

A sunset at sea seen from our balcony

We loved getting ice cream cones on the ship! We'd get at least one or two a day!

They had a game room on the ship. At least three nights, we played cards and Rumikub with Grant and Jodi while we sipped hot chocolate :)
The last night on the ship. This is in the Grand Atrium on the ship.


Ammon and Tasha said...

Glad you guys had a great time! Only one or two ice creams a day though? I seriously had about 10 a day on our cruise! It was soooo yummy!! :)

Anne-Marie said...

Jealous. So very jealous. I can practically feel the warmth of the sun & the taste of the guac!

Amy-Queen of Kings said...

Okay you sold me, I'm booking a cruise for the near future, its been almost two years since we've been on one and I think we are due! You look great, no signs of pregnancy at all! Congrats on that by the way, I'm glad it was a great getaway!

mary said...

Oh, your so lucky! I would love to go on a vacation like that. It looks so pretty over there..& relaxing:)

Christina said...

That looks like so much fun! Seeing that big bowl of guacamole makes me want to take a trip to Mexico. Yummy!

Hoylelicious said...

WOW this totally makes me want to leave this snow infested place and run away there. And what is rumikub I have heard so many people talk about this, I really have to learn this game.

Dads(2) said...

BEAUTIFUL! You look like models in Mexico!

Sammy said...

That looks absolutely fantastic! wow, you look so great, how fun is that. That guac looks amazing, thats the best place about mexico, the chips and salsa/guac!!!