Monday, January 5, 2009

Mexican Riviera Cruise - Days 1 to 3

Well, since we've been back from our cruise for over two weeks, I guess it's time to post about it! We had such a great time! We drove all night on Friday night to California with our friends, the Corsers. We arrived around 5 am and slept until 9 am at Grant's grandpa's house. Then we had to get on the road again to get to the boat dock in LA. Needless to say, we were so tired by the time we got on the ship!

This is us looking tired in front of our ship :)

Our cruise was with Norwegian Cruise Line and we were on the Norwegian Star

Since we booked our cruise last minute, the only room left was a balcony room. We were so glad we got the balcony! It made our room feel so much bigger. And it was great to sit and read out on the balcony. We even left the door open at night so we could hear the water at night.

Jake got so sick the first night! He gets motion sickness really bad and the water was really choppy that first night. Luckily, he felt much better after that first night
Jake and Grant had a fun time playing shuffle board

We ate at a yummy steakhouse on the ship. There were so many desserts that looked good so we ordered three :)

I was the only one brave enough to get up and karaoke!

Going into Cabo, our first stop. The water was so beautiful!

The view of lovely Cabo from our balcony

On our way to Lover's Beach

There was a rock with a TON of sea lions! The one on the left was roaring or barking, whatever they do :)


Rachel said...

Looks like fun!

Janice said...

how much fun! thanks for posting pics! by the way, i changed my blog backdrop last night, and i originally choose your same backdrop! but the text didn't show up right, so i had to change it! :)

Sammy said...

puerto vallarta is so great! I love that place, thats where we went on our honeymoon. it was the best honeymoon ever, it was insane! ha ha everything that could possibly go wrong did. ha ha it was still awesome. looks like fun!