Thursday, July 10, 2008

A day at the zoo!

Last week when we were in Salt Lake, we decided to take Emmy to Hogle Zoo. We met some friends there, Ammon, Tasha and Izzy, and set off for an animal adventure! We had a lot of fun but it was blazing hot!!! Emmy's poor little cheeks were so red. We saw a bunch of animals, rode the carousel and the train. Funny story: Emmy started picking up garbage off the ground when we got off the train. A man that worked at the zoo came up to us and gave us a free ride on the train since Emmy was helping out! What a great helper :) And, of course, she and Izzy had a lot of fun getting wet and playing with the big stone water ball.

Looking at the elephants
Family pic in front of the big elephant. It makes these loud elephant noises - Emmy loved it!
Right before riding the carousel
Emmy got to ride on the panda - she was so excited! She kept saying "panda! panda!" She loves pandas ever since we took her to see Kung Fu Panda.
She wasn't too happy about getting off the carousel
Riding the train and sucking all the germs off the rail - yuck!!!
The poor red cheeks!
Playing at the water ball w/ Izzy (in the pink tank top)
Getting her hands wet! It was a nice way to cool off after walking around in the 100 + degree heat!


kourtney said...

Looks like you had fun, despite the heat! I'm so sad that I missed you. I have been longing to see old friends lataly. Oh well, maybe next time. Or next time I'm down in Cedar with Andy.

Mrs. B said...

That's a great story! Emmy is so cute. I love the dress up post too!

The Bruces said...

michelle it was so fun to see you at grandpas bday party. Emmy is so dang cute... the zoo looks fun we havnt been this year and i beleive we will wait until the fall to go

Anne-Marie said...

We love the zoo, but it is a scorcher this time of year-you are brave!

Anne-Marie said...
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Anne-Marie said...
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Rachel said...

Looks like you had a fun time. Next time you are up here call us so we can see you guys. McKenna want to see Emmy she calls Emmy her new sister. Call us.

Notes From My Underbelly said...

That looks like so much fun! I love going to the zoo so its nice to have a child that allows me the chance to go!!!

Rachel Ure said...

Oh your daughter is adorable! You area very good looking and striking family! So glad you have a blog! Feel free to check mine out-- though it isn't very fancy