Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Honey!!!!

My cute hubby!!!

Jake turned the big 30 this past weekend!!! He wasn't too excited about turning 30, so I surprised him with a weekend getaway to Vegas. We had so much fun! Thanks to my sister, Lindsey, for watching Emmy!

Hanging out by the pool at the resort

I also surprised Jake with tickets to Blue Man Group. Jake has wanted to see it ever since I've known him so I thought it would be a great surprise. It was a pretty cool show! I didn't really know what to expect, but they were really funny (even though they never talked) and the music was pretty cool. They had the same expression on their faces the whole show (see below for pics). We also got really cheap tickets to Mama Mia (the play, not the movie) so that was fun to see, too. We also saw The Dark Knight (it was seriously cool) and Wanted (again, seriously cool). That's what we do when we have a kid free weekend, see movies! We had a great time celebrating Jake's birthday. It's always nice to get away for the weekend!

Strange Blue Man . . .

Another strange Blue Man . . . plus I look sick in this picture. What can you do?

The Blue Man Group band

We love you, honey, and are so glad to have you as a husband and father. We are so lucky!!! You are so selfless, so willing to help whenever and wherever needed. You are such a hard worker. You are so willing to help around the house, change diapers, do dishes, clean. Thanks for being such a great example to me!!! I LOVE YOU!!! Oh, and you're hot, too :)


Rachel said...

Happy B-day Jake. You are the best big brother ever. Love you tons.
Michelle if you would like I or Rob can clean up that picture of Jake.

April said...

How fun what a good b-day present I bet he was so surprised. Wow it amazing what you can do with no kids. Is that paint on their face?

Lesley said...

Happy Birthday Jake! Looks like you had a great trip!

[Stefanie] said...

Look at you! What a great wife you are...I bet he loved every minute! You've gotta love a getaway and lots of movies! Perfect!

Notes From My Underbelly said...

Happy birthday Jake! What a fun time!!!

thearmstrongs said...

Hi Michelle Its Emily I found your blog off of Lindseys Im glad she finally got one. I added you to my list I hope you don't mind.