Thursday, August 9, 2007

New TV

Our new TV!
Caught in the act!
Our pretty armoire

My dad said he'd buy us a new TV as soon as this property that he had sold. Well it sold last month so we went shopping and found the TV. It's a Hi-Def 42' LCD flat screen. We got it yesterday and while we were setting everything up Emmy was having a blast getting into things! It was really cute. She couldn't get into all the equipment before because it was all in our armoire. The only sad thing about the new TV is that it doesn't fit into our armoire. I love our armoire and now I don't know where to put it! It's just over on a side wall, out of the way for now. But for now, we are on the lookout for a new enclosed entertainment stand so that Binga can't get into the equipment.

Binga was also playing in the laundry basket yesterday. What a cutie pie!!! Soon after the pic of her looking over the side, it tipped over and she fell out!


The Maw Family said...

Dang girl that TV's awesome. That will be great to watch Lost and all the other great shows on. What a nice dad you have.

ashley said...


Hi-D said...

Use the black armor for a bookcase or in a bedroom. You can put cute baskets on the shelves. It's a beautiful piece of furniture. You're little one is so dang cute. Isn't it funny how us mom's can think that a naked baby in a hamper is the cutest thing ever!