Sunday, August 26, 2007

Camera Face

Lately when I've taken pictures of Emmy, she gets the same look on her face. She scrunches it up and smiles. It is so funny and adorable! And it's only for the camera. What a ham! I posted the video of it above.

Emmy has also been pulling herself up on everything. She is getting so strong. And she's getting so smart. On Friday we were at Jake's brother's house and I was telling them that I've been trying to teach Emmy how to blow kisses but that she couldn't do it yet. Well, every time I would say blow kisses she kept putting her hand to her mouth and was blowing kisses!!! I didn't even know she could do it yet, it was so funny. I got a video of that, too that I might post.

On Thursday of last week, I got to sing the national anthem at a Garden League baseball game. The whole family came and we had a blast. Emmy was chewing on the soda straw and we got a classic picture. Isn't it so funny?


The Maw Family said...

I love the straw one, she's starting early on her coke addiction. Just kidding. So cute. I am glad too that you keep getting to sing. You are awesome.

Mrs. B said...

Cute! Audrey has those same purple pjs--don't you love them? They're so sweet.