Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Eve 2010

I am WAY behind on blogging!
Time to play catch-up.

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas this year!

We LOVED having Jake home {Besides work.  I love breaks from school!}.
We LOVED spending time with family.
We LOVED eating delicious treats :)
We LOVED the spirit of Christmas that filled our home.

Every Christmas Eve, we go to my sister's house in St. George for a Hansen family Christmas party.  We've done it for the last 4 or 5 years.  We eat dinner, exchange some gifts, and have a great time.

The grandkids put together a gingerbread house {the girls are wearing Christmas aprons that Grammy gave them}:
 {Dawson, Dylan, Emmy and Ella}

Kate was getting into the kitchen cupboards - do you like her shoes?  She put them on herself.  One of her own and one of Dawson's :)

Papa read the Christmas story from Luke:

This year my mom wrote a story called "The Key to Christmas."  She got the grandkids their own "Christmas Keys" to hang on the tree to remind them of the true meaning of Christmas.  She read the story to us before she gave the kids their keys:
We also watch Mr. Kruger's Christmas every year.  It's a tradition that we've had ever since I was little.  
Before it was available on DVD, we used to go to the Visitor's Center at the temple and watch it every Christmas season.  I love it!


The three Hansen girls :)
{Complete with cardigans - we didn't plan on all wearing cardigans, but we showed up in them!  Ha ha ha!  We must be related . . . }

And Grammy got everyone PJ's!
{My mom has gotten us Christmas Eve PJ's ever since I can remember and she's kept up the tradition with the grandkids - and us this year, too!}

Emmy in her Tinkerbell PJ's:

The girls in their PJ's w/ daddy:

Linds and Michelle in their matching PJ's:

My Grandma Hansen comes to the party every year, too!  And, of course, my adorable Aunt Shelley.
{Papa, Grandma and Shelley - all wearing red!
My parents got Shelley this hat, flower clip and necklace for Christmas (all from Binga Bows!).  Shelley LOVED them!  It was really cute.  She was smiling from ear to ear when she put them on}

What is better than spending time with family and focusing on the Savior?  
I can't think of too many things.

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